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Ionic Breeze Air Cleaners, Clean Air Purifier

One of the advertising claims that Ionic Breeze air cleaners made was that they were quiet. This is very true. And it's because Ionic Breeze air cleaners have no on-board fans to draw in the dirty air from a room and filter it to remove airborne pollutants. In fact, Ionic Breeze air cleaners can only attract airborne particles from approximately one-eighth of an inch away from the unit itself! And if the Ionic Breeze's collection plate becomes dirty, the air cleaning function shuts down altogether! This is why there have been many lawsuits filed against The Sharper Image, exclusive sellers of Ionic Breeze. (Sharper Image sells many fine products. However, Ionic Breeze air cleaners were not one of them.) When it comes to room air purifiers, you can easily do better. Much better!

So then, how the heck do you go about selecting a clean air purifier? The clean air purifier that we strongly recommend is the TheraPure®. For starters, one size does not fit all. That's why TheraPure is available in four different sizes, for small, medium, and large rooms, and even confined spaces like closets. Add to that TheraPure's Triple Action Purification Process. The first step begins with the permanent HEPA-type filter, which removes both allergens and pollutants. Next the UV lamp kills bacteria and germs upon contact. The third stage consists of the Photocatalyst filter, which removes Volatile Organic Compounds such as household chemicals like toxic paint, chemical outgassing from carpet and upholstery fabrics, and indoor air pollution. This Triple Action Purification Process provides maximum protection and instant clean and breathable air.

And unlike the Ionic Breeze, all TheraPure home air purifiers do indeed have a built-in fan to draw the dirty air in and push the clean air out. (Not that TheraPure home air purifiers are noisy. They aren't.) TheraPure home air purifiers remove airborne particles, destroy germs, and reduce toxic fumes (as well as unpleasant odors). They not only perform their jobs quietly and highly effectively, they also look great while they're doing it. TheraPure's sleek, modern, ergonomic design complements almost any décor in any room. What's more, TheraPure home air purifiers are priced economically enough to place one in nearly every room of your home. And they operate quietly enough to put them in a baby's room or nursery. Because TheraPure's filters are permanent, there are no replacement filters to either keep on hand or to have to remember to search for when you go shopping. And they're lightweight enough to move around as you see fit.

Don't settle for an Ionic Breeze air cleaner. You can do better! Order your TheraPure home air purifier today!