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Allergy Air Purifier, Clean Indoor Air

When the trees and grass start to bloom around where people live and/or work, millions of allergy sufferers realize how nice it would be to have an air purifier of their own. Others may not even realize that such a thing as an air purifier that can remove allergens actually exists. To the relief of allergy sufferers, air purifiers that remove allergens are indeed fact, not fiction. Better yet, air purifiers have both improved in their effectiveness and come down in price in recent years. If you, or someone in your family is allergic to pollen, the welcome relief from sneezing, watery eyes, and postnasal drip that a quality air purifier can provide could be worth its weight in gold. However, this respite from allergens doesn't stop at various kinds of pollen. Any air purifier worth its salt will also filter out airborne dust, mold spores, smoke, pet dander, and air pollution that finds its way inside.

Does your home have clean indoor air? How about where you work? The answer might surprise you. Just because you can't see or even smell pollution, it doesn't automatically mean that you have clean indoor air. The air that you breathe every single day could very well contain automobile exhaust, secondhand tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, mold spores, even smoke and ash that's drifted hundreds of miles from distant brush and forest fires. Just as threatening to indoor air quality is outgassing. Outgassing occurs when carpets, fabric fibers, and even plastics continue to release toxic fumes from the chemical compounds of which they're made. Even cooking odors and the pet dander that our animal companions constantly shed can compromise your indoor air quality. What to do about all of this? Invest in a quality indoor air purifier. We strongly recommend the TheraPure.

Room air filters are an excellent way to deal with the compromised air quality that we're all forced to live with on a daily basis. Room air filters can remove pollen, dust, mold spores, air pollution that's come into the room from outside (which is more common than you might think), pet dander, tobacco smoke, cooking and bathroom odors, even the harmful gases that continue to escape from carpet and fabric fibers every minute of every day. One of the room air filters that you should seriously consider is the TheraPure. With its Triple Action Purification Process, Therapure air purifiers can dramatically improve the quality of the air you breathe, leaving your home or work area a healthier and more refreshing space to be. TheraPure's Triple Action Purification Process begins with the HEPA-type filter, which removes both allergens and pollutants. Next the UV lamp kills bacteria and germs on contact. The third stage is the Photocatalyst filter, which removes Volatile Organic Compounds and indoor air pollution. This process provides maximum protection and instant clean and breathable air.

Do something to improve your indoor air quality today. Order your TheraPure home air purifier now!