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Air Purifier Replacement Filters, Air Purifier Filters

Air purifier replacement filters can be a major hassle, no two ways about it. You either have to keep a supply of the correct air purifier replacement filters on hand, wasting space and tying up your money. Or you have to add air purifier replacement filters to your shopping list and hope that you remember to pick them up while you're at the store. (That is if you can even find the correct part number in stock!) Fortunately, not all room air purifiers have disposable filters. Take the TheraPure®, for example. The TheraPure features permanent HEPA-type filters that can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a little ordinary soap. So there's no waste involved, and no filthy disposable filter to throw into the trash. And make no mistake, the cost of those disposable filters can really add up fast.

Air purifier filters don't have to be a problem, if they aren't designed that way. The TheraPure has been designed with permanent air purifier filters. When they get dirty, a little soap, water, and a wet wipe does the trick quite nicely, thank you very much. Permanent air purifier filters mean no more running out to the store to buy new filters when one gets dirty. And no more having to shell out anywhere from $10 to $30 or more every time you have to do so. TheraPure room air room air purifiers are smarter by design.

If you're in the market for a room air purifier, you should seriously consider an air filter with ionizer. Perhaps the best air filter with ionizer is the TheraPure. TheraPure's Triple Action Purification Process begins with the permanent HEPA-type filter, which removes both allergens and pollutants. Next the UV lamp kills bacteria and germs on contact. The third stage belongs to the Photocatalyst filter, which removes Volatile Organic Compounds such as household chemicals like toxic paint, chemical emissions from new carpet, and indoor air pollution. This Triple Action Purification Process provides maximum protection and instant clean and breathable air. The TheraPure also offers another important advantage over the typical air filter with ionizer: We realize that rooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. So one size most definitely will not fit all. That's why TheraPure is available in four different sizes, for small, medium, and large rooms, and even confined spaces like closets.

Stop buying air purifier replacement filters forever. Order your TheraPure now!