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Air Purification Systems, Indoor Air Quality

Over the last several decades, air purification systems have become almost ubiquitous in stores, offices, and factories all across America. Corporate America has made the investment in air purification systems because of the realization that improving the quality of the air that their customers and employees breathe makes good business sense over the long term. But what about when you go home? Air pollution doesn't somehow magically end at your front door. And very few homes and apartments come with built-in air purification systems. Fortunately, the solution is easier (and much less expensive) than you probably think. Take TheraPure® air purifiers, for example. With its Triple Action Purification Process, Therapure air purifiers can dramatically improve the quality of the air you breathe, leaving your home or work area a healthier and more refreshing space to be.

There is an amazing variety of factors that affect indoor air quality where you live and work. Of course, indoor air quality is impacted by outdoor air quality. Pollution from vehicle exhaust, coal burning power plants, and industrial emissions can all make their way into your home or office. Perhaps more important, however, are the noxious gases and airborne particles that actually originate inside your house. Cooking odors, cigarette and cigar smoke, pet dander, even outgassing of toxic fumes from carpets, plastics, and furniture fabrics all contribute to unhealthy indoor air quality. Yet most of these things are unavoidable, at least to some degree.

However, you can mitigate them. As people increasingly recognize that indoor air quality directly impacts both their health and their overall quality of life, more and more are actively taking steps to improve it. Home air purifiers are becoming readily available through a variety of outlets, often at very modest prices. However, not all home air purifiers are created equal. Of all the home air purifiers currently on the market, the one we recommend is the TheraPure. For starters, one size does not fit all. That's why TheraPure is available in four different sizes, for small, medium, and large rooms, and even confined spaces like closets. Then there's TheraPure's Triple Action Purification Process. The process begins with the permanent HEPA-type filter, which removes both allergens and pollutants. Next the UV lamp kills bacteria and germs on contact. The third stage belongs to the Photocatalyst filter, which removes Volatile Organic Compounds such as household chemicals like toxic paint, chemical emissions from new carpet, and indoor air pollution. This Triple Action Purification Process provides maximum protection and instant clean and breathable air.

Give your respiratory system a break at home, too. Order your TheraPure home air purifier today!